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FARMHOUSE58 is the first of several diverse developments in the footsteps of the NIROX arts centre in the Kromdraai Valley; true to the universal values of the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, where our work unfolds amongst ancient rolling kopjes, grasslands, rocky outcrops, wetlands and waterways formed over millennia by unique cosmic events shaping the earth.

The majority of personnel at FARMHOUSE58 are from the local community, with whom we enjoy a commitment to heal past wounds and build a thriving society. 

The buildings at FARMHOUSE58 are part of its farming history, repurposed and refurbished for true luxury,

declining the culture of excess, appreciating beauty in the simple, impermanent, imperfect and incomplete nature of all things. With the gentle help of our resident team of dedicated local gardeners, the landscape is allowed to find its own way, with extensive indigenous planting.

Here, the passage of time is palpable, harmony is tangible, nature’s presence is like a warm stone in the hand. The earth is rich, the air pure, plants and animals thrive under the vast African sky.  

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