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The buildings and gardens of FARMHOUSE58 are part of its farming history

repurposed and refurbished to redefine the culture of luxury

free of wanton excess

appreciating beauty

in the simple, impermanent, imperfect and incomplete nature of all things.

Dairy Rooms




7 standard south facing rooms under the Combretums (Bush-willows)

6 Premium rooms looking north over the Cradle of Humankind.

7 deluxe rooms, north facing onto the

Pomegranate Orchard or with private courtyard.

Occupying the former Dairy, the current 21 rooms have been re-purposed

with natural materials, locally sourced fabrics and furnishings,

with simple comfort and intimate connection to nature.

All rooms have underfloor heating, en suite bathrooms with shower, coffee, tea, bar fridge, in-room snacks and finely blended local botanical body products. Rooms are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity during load shedding.

Facilities During Your Stay

Guest Lounges

Reading Loft

Writing Loft

Cozy lounges fitted with beautiful fireplaces, a selection of games and our agri-garden teas and infusions

Serene reading lounge with a selection of modern classics and a stunning west facing view of the nature

Quiet writing lounge with modern classics and an

east facing view  of the farm

See Spaces and Activities to Explore During Your Stay

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