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And then there was Fire… | Dining in the Cradle of Humankind

A small spark, bouncing along the ground, kindled and delicately shaped by creative hands.

Then, set ablaze by passion.

This is the story of Collective 58’s And then there was Fire…

The place

Harmonising with the Highveld landscape and nestled in the NIROX Sculpture Park, lies a restaurant inspired by a love for food and more importantly, where it comes from. Just 45 minutes from both Johannesburg Central and Pretoria, And then there was Fire… is an opportunity for souls to escape the city and take some time to connect with nature.

Creators Bernardo Corti and Manuela Gutierrez, in collaboration with NIROX, are at the heart of this project, offering a broad menu that serves all curious taste buds.

The concept

After spending a lot of time in the city running their restaurant, CHE, with partner Oscar Farraldo, Bernardo and Manu felt the urge to rekindle their relationship with the earth and its beauty – walking barefoot, experimenting with food, and providing a space for others to connect with their childhood spirits too.

And then there was Fire… blends in with its landscape, becoming part of it. With its muted tones, natural wood and monochromatic artwork, the eatery hushes the mind and allows for the colour and flavour explosion to come from its food.

Guests are invited to wander through the sculpture park, where local and international artists have left their mark. Children can be carefree, while parents do the same.

The food

Reconnecting with the land, means reconnecting with the origins of food. Food should be intentional, it should be experimental, and it should always warm the heart.

Bernardo and Manu offer a Tapas, Woodfire Grill and Farm Table menu with fresh ingredients and dishes from Spanish and Argentinian roots. The wine and champagne list is extensive, with something special for everyone.

The doors

And then there was Fire… is open from 11am from Thursday through to Sunday. The kitchen closes its doors at 4:30pm. For entry to the Sculpture Park, guests pay R150 for adults and R80 for children under the age of 12.

For those with confirmed restaurant bookings, entry to the park costs R80 per adult.

A collaborative story

58 is an exciting collective project, with the overall goal of fostering spaces where people can connect with themselves, each other, and nature.

We share stories, music, and of course, food.

Along with, And then there was Fire…, FARMHOUSE at 58, located just across the way, extends the invitation to return to a relationship with nature at its overnight sanctuary.

Guests stay in minimalist, contemporary accommodation and have the opportunity to explore the Cradle of Humankind with a variety of unique programs and experiences.

Integrative wellness treatments such as Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation are offered for a rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul. It is a place where people can put aside the busy noise of the cityscape, and immerse themselves in a quiet, calm natural haven.

And then there was fire…

Woodfired Grill and Tapas Café

Tucked beneath a canopy of trees at NIROX; serving intercontinental fare with flair; from local suppliers and seasonal produce…Bernardo and Manuella share their journey with food. Bookings are essential. Open Thursday to Sunday and Public Holidays for lunch between 12pm and 4pm.

Book a shuttle too.

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