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Notes on the Dairy

From the minute I stepped onto the FARMHOUSE58 grounds, I knew working on this unique project would change me. It is nature at its best, a reflection of our environment’s ability to change and heal. The Dairy is an extension of this ethos as it encourages its guests to experience a similar journey without disrupting the landscape.

Our intention for the interior design of The Dairy was simple – we wanted our guests to be welcomed to the home they never knew existed in the Cradle. With that being said, the philosophy of Wabi Sabi has guided the design team to select materials and fittings that welcome the outdoors. By accepting the inherent beauty of imperfections, we incorporate the process of collecting new and old pieces to build a sense of familiarity for the guests.

The fittings are sleek and never impose on the humble structure while the softer selections aim to reflect the changing nature of FARMHOUSE58. Each tone and texture serves to soothe, nurture and comfort the guests throughout their stay. As the user ventures into the common area, they are greeted with a trinket on the walls that has been handpicked from FARMHOUSE58’s bountiful grounds.

The warm and sensitive nature of the spaces within the Dairy reflects the community that has, brick by brick, brought the building to life. Each hard-working individual that was involved in its construction has left a lasting impact on the space by moulding their personal history within the walls of the Dairy. This interaction between man and form has imparted memories that will last long after the project’s completion.

FARMHOUSE58 is the escape where people and nature come together to shape a new reality – we welcome you to be a part of it.

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