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A limited opportunity to gather at FARMHOUSE58, explore our thriving vegetable gardens nestled in the veld, pick your seasonal vegetables of choice, learn to make your own pickles and discover the amazing benefits of fermentation, which has been practised across the the globe for centuries.


Each participant will take home a beautiful ceramic fermentation crock–pot uniquely designed and fired by Trixi for FARM in the VELD, filled with fermentation product created during the workshop.

Fermentation at FARMHOUSE58




30 September 2023


10am: Arrival at NIROX gate 3, game vehicle shuttle to FARMHOUSE58 with welcome infusions and juices from our local produce.


11am - 12pm: Vegetable garden walk and talk with head farmer Paul Boyter.


12pm - 1 pm: Lunch in the SHED accented with speciality fermentations sampled and explained by Trixi.


1pm - 5pm: Practical and theoretical fermentation class with Trixi and Paul teaching you to use your croc-pot simply and dependably, at home, for the health and wellbeing of you and your family.


5pm: Shuttle to NIROX to Gate 3 with your own croc and fermentation.

Gardens aerial.jpg
Paul Boyter, facilitator for the Fermentation Workshop at FARMHOUSE58

Paul Boyter

Paul Boyter has a background in market gardening, permaculture, sound therapy, yoga and meditation. He spent 25 years guiding corporates and private groups through interactive drumming processes and music therapy. 10 of those years were spent studying complementary healthcare modalities like reflexology, yoga and mindfulness, while concurrently exploring permaculture and biodynamic farming. Paul’s passion for the healing qualities that music and nature provide continues to lead him on a path of self-exploration in relationship with others, holding space for individuals, communities and the environment, with the experience and gifts he gleaned from his life’s journey. 

Trixi Junge, facilitator for the Fermentation Workshop at FARMHOUSE58

Trixie Junge


Trixi Junge is a South African ceramic artist, kinesiologist and fermentologist of German descent. She spent her formative years in Mozambique, and then emigrated to South Africa. She studied architectural draughting followed by a degree in Translation. Trixi dabbled in pottery as a hobby throughout her “corporate career life” and about 20 years ago, she turned her passion into a “life choice”. Lixiware combines her love of functional artisanal pottery with her philosophy. Trixi’s philosophy is simple, consciously put your health first and choose healthy, sustainable options. Making your own naturally fermented Sauerkraut, Curtido or Kimchi is a good start. 



Guests have two booking options:


Workshop Only: Includes welcome drink, lunch, and full program with your own ceramic fermentation pot.


Overnight Package: Includes accommodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, welcome drink, and full program with your own ceramic fermentation pot.

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