FARMHOUSE answers an instinctive call to enrich our lives in nature…. in the Cradle of Humankind, where life began.


JUNE 30 – JULY 2, 2023

From 30 June to 2 July, FARMHOUSE58 welcomes Terrice Bassler from Canada, offering guests a unique 3 day transformative experience with the healing power of TRE, in nature.

Discover and expand TRE practice to release tension, restore resilience and reawaken your body’s natural capacity to cope with life’s challenges.


20-22 OCTOBER 2023

Join us for an immersive weekend and an opportunity to retreat in nature to explore the improvement of your overall sense of subjective wellbeing. 

Participants will engage in a daily schedule similar to that of the Vedanta Academy in India, including lectures, group discussions, garden explorations, art walks, early morning study, yoga, gentle hiking, music, poetry and nourishing meals.


FARMHOUSE is a place of serenity, comfort and harmony. More than a travel destination, a space to connect with yourself in nature.

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