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defines our relations with one another

and our community.

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FARMHOUSE58 Experiences
Artwork by Eric Bourret in the Shed Restaurant

The buildings and gardens of FARMHOUSE58 are part of its farming history,

repurposed and refurbished for true luxury

declining the culture of excess

appreciating beauty in the simple, impermanent, imperfect and incomplete nature of all things.

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Working with produce from our regenerative gardens and local artisinal suppliers

we create balanced combinations

served in the Shed, the Lapa, Joe's Boma

or by special arrangement

under the trees or the stars.

We hold in delicate balance the epicurean pleasure and health of our guests.

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Wellbeing is the seat of our search for connection and appreciation. 

Its achievement lies in our embrace of the diverse tools nature provides

 through others, plants, earth and sky

the physical and the incorporeal in sympathy.

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We encourage experiences that engage nature, promote connection and facilitate introspection

through exertion, conversation, stillness, the senses

and conscious presence.

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FARMHOUSE58 inspires guests with a selection of international and local art

curated by the NIROX Foundation

alongside objects and plants collectively foraged from the land.

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eric bourret (fr), 2015, traces of fire cradle of humankind

Wellness Treatment

Farming with nature 

to create a farm in the veld.

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An enriched life in nature.

FARMHOUSE58 is the first of several diverse developments planned for the Kromdraai Valley

in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, on the outskirts of Johannesburg and Pretoria.


Set in ancient natural and cultural context, with extensive regenerative farmlands providing fresh local produce, the repurposed farm buildings offer discreet luxury accommodation, dining, gathering and wellness facilities, enjoying the temperate highveld weather.

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