Storytelling at FARMHOUSE is a continuation of the journey of African griots. What was remains in what is without being what defines us. Afterall, we are on a never-ending, making journey. There’s more to the FARMHOUSE story – the regenerative design, the location and the COMMUNITY are a start to that conversation.

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Farmhouse - Decor bedroom

The workshop is based on the 58 collective art installation between Elena Rocchi, Hester Reeve and Julia Jane Persson, 2019.
Together, we gathered raw materials, exchanged ideas and stories by way of a conscious walk and making workshop.
Rooted in a guided walk around 58, I posed ideas and questions through embodiment methodologies of walking, seeing and being as a practice, for acquiring a sense of consciousness.
Sharing some of these to begin our journey:

The ground acts as external support to the vertical posture, and with contact to the ground and the use of the force opposite to gravity, one may experience a sense of space and expansiveness.
Through walking the land, new forms appear, a journey-form, made of markings drawn both in space and time, materializing thought trajectories rather than destinations.
Through walking we connect – to the earth, what lies beneath and above, its past and its potential, the atmosphere that envelopes it – this is the environment that we inhabit along with all material and immaterialexistence.
The rhythms and motion of walking connect us to an external environment.
Why do we collect? What is our relationship with things?
The gathered recontextualized materials were used as subtle composed installations within each of the 22 rooms at the FARMHOUSE. Through a conscious walk, collecting matter with intent, the installations are inherently imbued with meaning, aesthetic integrity, simplicity and a sense of co-creation.

Date: Monday 1 March 2021
Facilitated by: Jessica Doucha
Design Team:  (GBL, MR and BD)