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Cradle on the ridge

Cradle on the ridge

As the rain falls we think of roofs,
walls, we think about shelter

and the half-discovered cave
on the dolomite ridge nearby,

a crib that rocked our fallen ancestors,
sedimented eyeless prophets

of the land and weather
and what we would end up doing to them.


First published in Illuminations 25, The Rathasker Press, 2009.
Also published in the US Journal.


answers the call to enrich ourselves in nature.
To connect, experience, engage
hear and be heard
break bread together
regenerate, collaborate and learn.
Finding harmony and balance.

In the heart of the CRADLE
where humans first stood tall
harnessed fire and birthed language
we share the simple pleasures of this unique place
embracing the rolling highveld grasslands
seasonal scents
secret waterways
ancient glacial rifts
and relics of a sea long gone.

We touch the earth lightly
alive to the beauty.
Re-cycling, up-cycling and re-purposing
listening and responding to what came before.
Accepting the transience
and mysteries of the universe.

Welcome to FARMHOUSE,
the dawn of Project58


The development concept is inspired by, respectful of, its history, converting an old dairy, farmhouse and shed to create consciously aligned mixed-use, multi-dimensional spaces that are foundational components of the project58 and NIROX ecosystem.

The rooms, lounges, co working space, reading & writing rooms, lapa and shed restaurant (under construction) pay homage to the land, re-imagining its function.

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At your leisure…

Hike to the Sun(W)Hole sculpture by Moroccan artist Amine El Gotaibi.

Discover the ancient ruins and landscapes, stroll at dusk to watch the sunset glow over the far away city in the east, iconic mine dumps to the south and the orange sun sinking behind Spioenkop to the west.

Find a secluded spot to watch (and gasp) at the full moon rising over the veldt, bathing it in ethereal light.

Use the hand drawing by artist Jessica Doucha, to guide you to the waterfall – the center-piece of ancient waterways that stretch from the upper dam to the retreat dam – providing crisp clean mountain water for dipping and gentle swimming.

Meditate under the shale shelves arching over shaded ponds with the sounds of nature filtering through the crevices, where the sea once was, contemplating the passage of time.

Climb the gorge to experience the vast open space of the upper valleys where civilisation gives way to the sky over limitless highveld grasslands.

Explore and learn about the regenerative farm from Willem the resident farmer; or the land restoration from Thomas & Jerry, the resident landscapers.

Watch Joseph and team expertly working with rammed earth…discovering new ways to build responsively to nature.

Relax under the African Olives that serve our Olive Leaf Tea project, or meander through the young yet developing Lemon, Fig, Pomegranate and Cherry orchards.

Join our friendship with the Magageng Community, our neighbours and collaborators in the community allotment farms we are establishing as a way to include everyone in our economy in communion with nature. Be amongst the first to be part of what promises to be a rewarding way of life for everyone in our community.

Engage with the artists from all genres who you will find in residence amongst you.

Drawing inspiration from multiple diverse disciplines such as, Japanese Wabi-Sabi philosophies and Ancient African settlements we are grounded in nature… in the Cradle of Humankind, where life began.

The design was developed in-house. Our building process has up-skilled the local communities and extensively used rammed earth techniques, up-cycling and recycling what we found here.

Our interiors, linen and bedding are all sourced locally, whenever possible, re-purposing what we already have. 

The arts are integral to the FARMHOUSE experience. The walls are hung with work from the NIROX collection and artists move seamlessly between the properties. Guests will inevitably find artists amongst them – writing, composing, rehearsing…with FARMHOUSE programs embracing diverse disciplines.

The atmosphere that defines NIROX permeates the FARMHOUSE.