PAST EVENTS - NIROX Summer Jazz Concert

The NIROX Concert Program reopens on Sunday 28 November with another impressive jazz line-up to celebrate the onset of Summer. Spend the weekend with us and connect with the artists, poets and NIROX team members over intimate conversations and experiences.

FARMHOUSE and Project 58 have put together an exclusive weekend ‘interlude’ to the concert to offer guests a memorable weekend experience, infusing music, art, food, and immersion in nature.

On Friday afternoon, join us in the main studio residence at NIROX to listen in on Vivid Afrika rehearsing live – a unique opportunity to connect with the band ahead of the concert on Sunday.

On Friday, just after sunset, join LeRoy Croft, NIROX’s Event and Operations Manager, and Concert Archivist, who will facilitate a listening session, overviewing the extensive music concert archive, expect a sonic retrospective, going back to 2017 until the present day, featuring Urban Village, Sibusile Xaba, Guy Buttery, Tananas, Madala Kunene and Mabi Thobejane.

Dinner on Friday evening will feature a botanical gin pairing experience in The Lapa with Inverroche Gin.

The following day, guests will opt between a sunrise or sunset hike, and enjoy a Boma dinner (weather dependent) with South Africa’s National Poet Laureate, Wally Serote, with an after-dinner conversation on the history of South African Jazz.

The weekend will culminate with the Jazz concert on Sunday – guests will be shuttled to NIROX in the morning.

Guests have the option to extend their stay over Sunday night, after the concert at a 25% discount on the room rate.


Friday – Sunday (2 nights) Saturday – Sunday (1 night)

*Option to extend stay on Sunday at 25% discount.

One Night Package
Standard – 2ppl R3700 / 1p R2690

Deluxe – 2ppl R4100 / 1p R3055

Premium -2ppl R4450 / 1p R3360

Family – max 6ppl R3600 +R800 every additional person sharing

Twin – 2ppl R3700 / 1p R2690

Two Night Package
Standard Room – 2ppl R5700 / 1p R4580

Deluxe Room – 2ppl R5900 / 1p R5200

Premium Room -2ppl R7300 / 1p R5930

Twin Bunk Room – 2ppl R5700 / 1p R4580

Accommodation, Jazz Ticket, 1 Hike per person, breakfast, poetry reading & conversation with Wally Serote, a listening session with LeRoy Croft.

Comfortable gripping shoes for the hike and sunblock.

Dams, pools, complimentary access into Nirox Sculpture Park.

All other food and beverages are on your own account, connect with enquiries: HERE.


Tawanda Takura

(b.1989, Zimbabwe) is an emerging artist and sculptor known for his poetic use of discarded materials as a means to express the intricate nature of contemporary life. His current work, the first of its kind intended for outdoor display, makes use of a combination of found objects and shoes that collectively suggest the complexity of nature.

Theme : Rebirth 

l was inspired by the book of Chii and the gracefulness of nature, how it is respectful and takes care of itself. the book of Chii says; free yourself make light your burden, gather energy and not use force or you will cause the flow to cease, use the power of air and water, respect the natural flow of nature.

l was fascinated by this quote: It teaches to embrace inner peace and become one with yourself and your environment.  l was looking at how a plant recycles its energy, take for example a guava plant beares guava fruit and the fruit grows and becomes ripe, then it falls down to the point of decay giving its energy completely to the ground where it’s energy is recycled into another life source of guava plant.  It’s interesting to see the plant’s gracefulness of understanding when it is time to ripen and to decay and it doesn’t use force in its life process; therefore nature becomes blossom.

l view it as the continuity of energy from one cell to the other and l relate this process as a commentary of my country’s socio political space. The leadership need to empty themselves and become humble that they be reborn positively in their mindset. There are a lot of unfulfilled promises to the public, corruption and misappropriation of funds, which has brought nation to a complete halt.  They need to embrace the flow of nature and not use force so that the country can be reborn.

The defiance of nature only prolongs the healing process of a nation.  This was my thinking process during this project.

Tawanda Takura
Artist in Residence