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Born in Johannesburg, Jessica Doucha (b.1986) identifies as an interdisciplinary visual artist. She is a qualified Alexander Technique
practitioner (2007–2011) and B-Tech Honours graduate from the University
of Johannesburg (2012–2015).

Jessica’s practice has many languages. She considers herself a maker, a
learner, a narrative creator, a healer, a teacher, a philosophical thinker, a
decontextualizer of objects, one who draws, walks, listens, performs, sculpts, paints, writes. Linked to inhabiting ones full spectrum of corporeal
embodiment, she positions herself in conversation with site-specific responsive actions, movements, rituals or gestures.

In alignment with the true nature of perceived solid matter, these moments are impermanent, fleeting, sometimes documented, sometimes archived, sometimes recorded, sometimes inscribed, other times seemingly lost, even forgotten. On the level of the formless, these subtle vibrational agencies of communication reveal a depth of being somewhat beyond her own intellectual comprehension. What often transpires through these multifaceted process oriented practices, is the field of energy and intent behind her work, which overrides the ego as the formless moves through her to express itself as form.