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A weekend programme of guided artistic exercises, reflections and activities - both collective and in solitude - hosted in the countryside oasis of FARMHOUSE58 in the Cradle of Humankind.


Facilitated by Msaki (art, visual journaling, song), Khnysa (breathwork), Keith Kunene (Life By Design), Paige (Mind Body Voice Coach) & Lesego Mapeka (Epic Hikes).

FETCH YOUR LIFE is focused on discovering ways to encourage people to move towards their purpose, aligning consciousness and creativity, with the hope of seeing people thrive in their true nature as creative, dynamic and expansive beings, directly connected to source.

The AUTUMN EQUINOX is an excellent time to prioritise balance, with day and night being exactly equal. The programme has a balanced ebb and flow that allows for maximum activation, healing, renewal and reflection in a

defined space of time. The 7 sessions include the themes:




Breaking Bad




FARMHOUSE58 Facilities include:

Shuttle from NIROX Sculpture Park

Quality dining experiences at The Lapa, The Shed & The Boma, with

emphasis on the fresh produce as grown in the Agri-Garden.

Homemade fermented beverages, ice-teas, garden infusions.

Sala Space for breathwork, yoga and meditation.

Hiking trails around the kopjes, including routes to our waterfall and dams

Newly-installed outdoor gym and sauna.




22-25 September 2023


Day 1 (Friday 22nd September)


2pm - 5pm: Guests to receive Creativity Pack including Moleskin diaries & stationery.

Initial engagement with Msaki at sunset.

6:30pm: Collective Dinner

Day 2 (Saturday 23rd September)


7am: SESSION | Breathwork with Khynsa

8am: Breakfast

10am: SESSION | Let There Be You: Visual Journaling with Msaki

1pm: Lunch

2:30pm: SESSION | Breaking Bad with Msaki

5pm: Free Time

6pm: Boma Dinner

7pm: Fireside Songs Under the Night Sky with Msaki

Day 3: (Sunday 24 September)

7:30am: Slow Contemplative Waterfall Hike with Lesego Mapeka

9:30am: Breakfast

11am: SESSION | Believe with Keith Kunene

1pm: Lunch

2pm: SESSION | Building with Keith Kunene

4pm: Free Time

6:30pm: Release Session at the Lake

7pm: Harvest Dinner with Share

Day 4 (Monday 25 September)

9:30am: Breakfast

11am: Departure


2 nights:

Saturday & Sunday Night

Price includes accommodation, Saturday lunch & dinner, all meals on Sunday and all programmes & activities throughout the weekend

Additional Friday night 

Accommodation, dinner & breakfast


Spring Equinox Creativity Gathering at FARMHOUSE58


Spring Equinox Creativity Gathering at FARMHOUSE58


MSAKI is a consummate student and devotee of creativity. She is passionate about examining and sharing creative principles that can be utilised across different media and artistic practices. She breaks down and illustrates these principles with practical examples and prompts to solidify the concepts.

MSAKI has a wealth of training and experience in Graphic Design, Creative Direction (Illustration & Copywriting), Fine Art (Painting, Drawing & Installation Work), Film (Music for Picture and Advertising), Film Photography (Black & White, Hand Colour Processing and Alternative Techniques Curation), Digital Art & Video Directing, Art Department and Prop-Making, Music Composition, Production &


UMZIBA... UMZI is house and MBA is life force, energy, prana...

We will begin by observing and moving the breath in a guided active breathing meditation.

KHNYSA Sisonke Papu, a.k.a. Sisonke Papu is iGqiRha - traditional healer, storyteller and multi-disciplinary artist from Mthatha, South Africa. KHNYSA’s work seeks to mediate modes of traditional healing and traditional music as repositories of knowledge in the South African context by exploring spatial, emotional and spiritual temporalities and by engaging ideas of the everyday, the real and imaginary, dreams and memory, the unseen as well as the mythical, ritual, sonic and cosmic.


KHNYSA is the founder of ISPILI Network, a transmedia and creative platform dedicated to exploring the creative economy of the Eastern Cape through social programs and online content dedicated to the preservation and transmission of indigenous knowledges and collective healing.

Spring Equinox Creativity Gathering at FARMHOUSE58
Spring Equinox Creativity Gathering at FARMHOUSE58

Keith Kunene

Spring Equinox Creativity Gathering at FARMHOUSE58

Lesego Mapeka

Exploring the connection between the conscious & subconscious mind, and the physical body, which propels us to move through space, to ultimately fetch our lives with purpose. Through two engaging talks and hands-on worksheets, the aim is to amplify awareness by delving into life-transforming methods of self-connection, nurturing a life lived from the core outward, thereby igniting a desire for results that are deeply intertwined with one’s purpose.

KEITH is a LIFE DESIGNER on a mission to help self enterprising humans create a life by design through purpose, play, and prosperity. As a transformation agent, Keith is methodical in revealing the concealed divine potential within us, igniting human possibility through paradigm design, equipping individuals with the tools to carve out an internal landscape conducive to self-creation no matter what is happening outside.

Trained by the Proctor Gallagher Institute, Keith embraces the art of Thinking Into Results through the mentorship and guidance of Haley Carlson. Keith’s journey continues, centered on personal growth and helping others forge lives filled with intention and fulfilment.

Lesego Mapeka founded EPIC HIKES, a business focused on conscious and transformative hiking experiences in Africa.

His journey began when he found himself stressed and at risk of depression, and he discovered that hiking and being outdoors helped him cope. He soon started hiking every weekend and during the week, seeking out hidden gems and meeting like-minded individuals on the trails. This led him to organise weekend getaways with friends and EPIC HIKES was born.

EPIC HIKES is unique because it focuses on encouraging guests to connect with themselves, others, and nature in a mindful and meaningful way. The hikes have been described as a safe space where people from all walks of life can find a space between an exhale and an inhale, gazing at a vista or looking inwards for a brief and quiet moment in nature.

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